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Top 5 Universities in Canada for Psychology Studies 2021

Among the international community, Canada is among the top education destinations due to its excellent universities, high standard of living, and state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure. The universities in Canada are continually providing students with various new programs and courses for their professional growth. One popular program in Canada is psychology.

Universities in Canada offer some of the best psychology programs in the world with professional exposure and extensive research into various fields and concentrations. Due to its high-quality psychology studies, the program also has a high graduate employability rate in all of Canada. Therefore, by studying psychology in Canada, you can increase your career prospects and easily find a job in your field.

5 Best Universities in Canada for Psychology Studies 2021

If you want to pursue a degree in psychology abroad, then Canada is your best option because it boasts some of the top-ranking psychology programs and research. To make your decision a bit easier, here is a list of the top 5 universities in Canada offering the best psychology degrees and programs.

1.    University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is located in Waterloo, Canada and is a public research university. It was established around 1959. The University of Waterloo ranks 7th nationally in Canada and ranks 201-250th in the world. As for graduate employability, it ranked 2nd in Canada and 25th worldwide in 2019. It has a separate department of Psychology for studies and research into the field.

Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo has six subdivisions as follows:

  • Clinical
  • Cognitive
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Developmental
  • Industrial-Organizational
  • Social

The University of Waterloo has specially equipped labs for research in psychology, and it also offers a wide range of degrees at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels with multiple scholarships. So, get in touch with education consultants in Islamabad today to start your career in psychology at one of the top-ranking universities in Canada.

2.    Western University

The University of Western Ontario or also known as the Western University, is a public research university in London, Ontario, Canada. It was established in the year 1878. The university has 11 academic faculties with multiple degree programs. It ranks 8th nationally in Canada and 203rd in the world. It also boasts one of the best graduate employability rates in Canada and the world.

Its Department of Psychology offers undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral degrees in the following areas:

  • Cognitive, Developmental, and Brain Sciences
  • Clinical
  • Industrial/Organizational
  • Social, Personality and Developmental Psychology

Apart from these degrees, the department also has four research clusters for its students in the areas mentioned above of study, famous for its cutting edge technologies and research into different aspects of human psychology.

3.    University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba was formed in the year 1877 (143 years ago) and is located in Manitoba, Canada. It is the first ever university established in Western Canada and the largest in Manitoba by campus area and student enrollment. It is famous for being a research-intensive education institute. It ranks 20th nationally in Canada and 301-400 in the world.

Its Department of Psychology offers a wide range of academic degrees at different levels with research labs and associations with nearby hospitals for professional exposure of students. It offers graduate psychology degrees in the following areas:

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Quantitative Psychology
  • School Psychology
  • Social and Personality Psychology

4.    University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is a public research university established in 1907 and is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is Canada’s one of the top research universities, ranking 16th nationally in Canada and 465th in the world. Its Department of Psychology offers multiple programs in various areas as follows:

  • Clinical
  • Cognition and Neuroscience
  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Culture, Health, and Human Development

Its Department of Psychology has a collaboration with St. Thomas More College and hospitals to provide research facilities and professional experience to students. It also offers multiple research grants and Dean’s scholarships to international students.

5.    University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is a public research university located in Guelph, Ontario. It was established in the year 1964 with some of its schools dating back to the 1800s. It offers a wide range of research-intensive programs in different fields, including medicine. The University of Guelph ranks 571-580 in the world and 19th nationally in Canada. It is also ranked 5th in Canada for Social Sciences and Humanities.

It’s Department of Psychology in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences offers undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral programs across different majors. It offers programs in the following concentrations:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science

Graduate students can also opt for a Collaborative specialization in Neuroscience and engage in extensive research. The university also provides different financial assistance programs, including research assistantships. So, make sure to prepare your application documents with the help of education consultants in Islamabad for securing admission on scholarships.

Study in Top Psychology Schools in Canada

If you are interested in acquiring higher education in Psychology, then these are some of the best universities in Canada for international students. There are also multiple other psychology colleges and programs in Canada apart from these top 5. So, consider staying in touch with education consultants for more information and university options. Psychology is a highly sought after program in Canada among the international community because of its excellent opportunities and professional exposure. So, apply to universities in Canada today and take your education journey abroad.


MAHSA University Scholarships for International Students

MAHSA is one of the most prestigious private higher education institute in Malaysia. The institute was established in 2005 as a medical college. However, it upgraded the status to university in 2009 and started offering higher education in multiple other programs like engineering and business.

The university pledges to educate the young generation from all over the world. This is one of the main reasons it is offering scholarships to national and international students under various categories. International students from south Asian countries, specifically Pakistan, can secure their admission to the university and become eligible for the scholarships.

This article aims to shed light on the scholarships MAHSA University is offering to the international students.

Top 5 Scholarships MAHSA University Offers To Foreign Students

Studying in a higher education institute abroad is one of the greatest wishes of every student. The tuition fee and living expenses can be greater than the affordability of the students, which is often the main reason that they compromise their dream. However, MAHSA University Malaysia is one of those institutes that provide opportunities for fulfilling their dream to international students.

The following are some of the most important scholarships MAHSA University is currently offering to the international students.

1.     Graduate Research Scholarship

The graduate research scholarship is one of the most popular scholarship categories offered by MAHSA University. The scholarship is applicable to all the postgraduate research programs at master and Ph.D. levels.

The research area and the interview are the two most important factors that help the students win the scholarship. They can get thirty percent of their program fee by winning this scholarship. Most of the students acquire the help of education consultants in Islamabad to secure their admission, as well as gain knowledge about the programs and research areas of the institute to secure their scholarship.

2.     Haji Abdullah Academic Excellence Scholarship

Haji Abdullah excellence scholarship is one of the most prestigious categories of scholarship offered by MAHSA university. This scholarship is specifically those students who belong to the underprivileged backgrounds, however, perform efficiently in studies as well as extracurricular activities.

The scholarship is applicable for all study programs at the degree level. By winning this scholarship, the students can get up to fifty percent of their tuition fees, which is remarkable. The students have to secure their admission and maintain an extraordinary academic and extracurricular record to win this scholarship.

3.     Family Scholarship

One of the unique scholarship categories of MAHSA University is the family scholarship. Most of the universities offer kinship scholarship on the condition that the siblings are enrolled at the same time. However, this scholarship is unique because parents, siblings, and even children of MAHSA university students and alumni can win this scholarship.

The stipend offered by this scholarship is up to RM 4,000. Students enrolled in any study program at any level of study are eligible to win this scholarship. This is one of the sincerest efforts of the institute to promote education and learning without any discrimination of age.

4.     Sports Scholarship

Just like any other institute in the world, MAHSA University acknowledges the importance of sports in the life of students. Therefore, it is offering sports scholarships to the athletes so they can also excel in their studies in addition to winning in the ground.

Students enrolled in the MAHSA University and participating in the sports programs are eligible for this scholarship program. Moreover, this scholarship is only applicable to degree programs, and students can get up to RM 4,000 stipend by winning this scholarship.

5.     Blue Ribbon Scholarship

Blue ribbon scholarship is another quite popular scholarship category offered by the MAHSA University Malaysia. The scholarship is applicable to all programs at the bachelor and postgraduate levels. The scholarship is granted on the basis of CGPA, and all enrolled students are eligible for it.

The students can get up to RM 20,000 by winning this scholarship. The alumni of the institute can also get the scholarship while getting enrolled in the next program. If you also want to secure their scholarship, you have to get enrolled first. You can hire the service of education consultants in Islamabad to secure your admission and maintain a specific grade to earn the scholarship.

Join MAHSA University to win scholarships!

Getting a scholarship is a real challenge for the international students, as most of the institute only offer them to the native students. However, MAHSA University equally favors international students. It offers scholarships of different values under various categories to international students.

You can also win one by getting enrolled in the university. If you are concerned about securing admission, you can rely on the professional services and head towards fulfilling your dream of studying at the international level.

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Why Study Dentistry at MAHSA University Malaysia

Malaysia has a good choice for studying abroad, especially for the aspirant of medical professions. For this, MAHSA University is creating a distinctive pathway for aspiring dentists all over the world. So, an internationally recognized degree in dentistry can be a valuable and rewarding choice for you!

Are you new to MAHSA university and don’t know why to select this? The articles contain all essential reasons to pick this educational institution for medical study.

Top reasons a diploma in dentistry at MAHSA University

Nevertheless, MAHSA University is ranked among the best universities in Malaysia. It is owing to the fact that MAHSA University is famous for offering world-class education in health sciences, including dentistry technology and other diplomas.  So, it can be a golden opportunity for you to consider opting for it owing to the following reasons:

Various diplomas in dentistry available

The university offers a wide range of study programs for both local and international students. The faculty believes that dentistry is a science and art of changing people’s life by bringing a smile. Keeping the core values into consideration, the following study programs are offered:

  • Doctor of dental surgery
  • Masters of Orofacial science
  • Diploma in dental technology
  • Doctor in restorative dentistry

In case you want to get admission in any of the mentioned courses, acquire the services of education consultants in Pakistan for the error-free application process. It will help you stand out unique!

Learning a friendly environment

Dentistry is a competitive study which requires a stress-free environment for learning. Only this way, the professionals can handle critical situations confidently. Interestingly, the learning atmosphere at MAHSA University is incredibly suitable for students to study theoretical and perform the learned concepts practically. It has an overall positive impact on the motivation and learning readiness of the students.

Adequate support for international students

The university is famous for its comprehensive admission process, easy selection of study programs, and prompt information desks for international students. It means that you can easily get your desired information regarding the study programs and admission criteria while selecting MAHSA University.

Availability of scholarships for study

The university offers scholarships separately for local students and international students. So, it is a good opportunity for international students to look for suitable scholarships to study in Malaysia. However, the merit for studies is comparatively high as you have to shine bright in academics to get a scholarship in dentistry.

High-standards of education

The university is known for its high standard of education in different faculties. However, there is no comparison for dentistry at MAHSA University as you can get advanced knowledge in oral healthcare using modern teaching methodologies. It considerably helps the students to standout out competitively in the global arena of professional growth for rapid success.

Student-centered atmosphere

MAHSA is focused on guaranteeing that every learner gets equal opportunities for progressive education by overhanding an open door for progress. For this purpose, the university is offering to customize training for practical advancement in respective fields of studies. Over the years, the administration of the university has changed letting the innovation make a place for ultimate success in the healthcare sector. So, it can be a good option to study in Malaysia.

Teaching under highly qualified teachers

Most importantly, when you successfully get admission to any dentistry program at MAHSA University, you become able to study under the supervision of auspicious teaching faculty. It is owing to the fact that highly qualified teachers are burning the candle at both ends to keep their students abreast of modern education. Owing to this, the dentistry diploma at the university guarantees a bright future for the professionals.

Availability of campus residence

You can get residential facilities at MAHSA. The university offers you nearby living arrangement for ease of mobility and safety. So, you can be inside a simple and safe reach of the classes without any disturbance. Additionally, it is an extraordinary method to meet companions and to inundate yourself in college life.  An assortment of rooms are accessible and are of extraordinary worth. All rooms are completely outfitted from single rooms to four-sharing rooms, with or without cooling, shared rooms, and studios.

The diploma of dentistry at MAHSA University is a great opportunity!

Summing up, studying abroad is a big dream for many students, especially from developing countries. If you are living in Pakistan and want to get an internationally recognized degree in medical sciences and dentistry from abroad, MAHSA University can be a golden chance for you to make a bright future.

So, are you all set to apply for admission to the university? If not, you can get assistance from education consultants in Pakistan for a comprehensive understanding of requirements and procedures for admission at MAHSA University. Don’t forget to hire trusted professionals for the accuracy of information.

Remember! You get what you strive for – don’t forget to go for the best when it comes to education!


Best Institutes Offering Humanities Courses in Canada

Canada is one of the most important higher education destinations, which is popular among international students across the globe. The business schools, law schools, and architectural schools of the region have established their reputation at the international level. The humanities programs are now gaining the attention of international students.

South Asian and Pakistani students are specifically eager to secure their admission in Canadian higher education institutes. The growing popularity of Canada as a peaceful multiracial country is specifically boosting the interest of foreign students in humanities programs. Almost every other institute offers admission to the program; however, some are more famous than others.

This article aims to discuss some of the best higher education institutes in Canada that offer admission to humanities programs.

Top 6 International Institutes in Canada to Pursue Humanities

Canada is establishing a good example of a multiracial but peaceful and harmonized society in front of the world. It is a significant opportunity for the young generation to learn from such a society and promote peace and prosperity in the world. Studying humanities allow the opportunity of exploring, observing, and learning from a closer perspective.

The following are the top international institutes in Canada where foreign students can pursue studies in humanities programs.

1.     Lakehead University

The University of Ottawa is one of the most prestigious and oldest higher education institutes in Canada. It was established in the latter half of the seventeenth century. It holds a special attraction for international students due to its high-quality educational system.

The institute offers admission to humanities programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Students often acquire the services of education consultants in Pakistan to secure their admission and become a part of one of the highlight reputed educational institutes of Canada.

2.     Lakehead University

Lakehead University is another internationally acknowledged higher education institute in Canada. It was established in the early decades of the latter half of the twentieth century. Since then, it has been the very first choice of international students from developing countries.

The university offers admission to the humanities programs only on the undergraduate level. However, the students get the opportunity of selecting the courses from a variety of programs. It polishes their skills and helps them establish their careers in the field.

3.     Carleton University

Carleton University is another internationally recognized high educational institute in Canada. It was established in 1942. The institute offers admission in a variety of humanities programs to international students at the undergraduate level.

The research-based educational system of the institute helps the students to get a better grasp of the concepts. Moreover, the yearly projects and assignments help the students to polish their skills and develop the foundation of a successful career.

4.     Thompson Rivers University

Thompson River University holds a significant position in the higher educational institutes of Canada offering admission in humanities programs. The university was established in 1970 and is recognized at the international level for its high-quality education.

The university offers admission at the undergraduate level in the humanities programs. Moreover, admission is offered on a merit basis. So the interested students should ensure to follow all the requirements to become a part of this prestigious institute.

5.     Brock University

Brock University is another important higher education institutes in Canada, offering admission in humanities programs to international students. Currently, it is only offering admission at the undergraduate level of humanities programs.

The university was established in 1964 and has produced notable alumni who are serving in different fields of life. The research-based education program of the institute plays an important role in polishing the skills of students and helping them establish progressive careers.

6.     University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the most popular higher educational institutes in Canada, which has a long list of notable alumni. The institute was established in the earlier years of the twentieth century. The university is offering admission to a variety of humanities courses for international students.

Admissions are mostly offered at the undergraduate level to help the students develop strong foundations and observe society from a closer perspective. You can acquire the services of education consultants in Pakistan. You can also ensure to get assistance in selecting the right program.

Pursue higher education in humanities programs!

The modern generation is interested in business, engineering, medical, and law fields, as they think their contribution is greater. However, humanities is an equally important study program, which helps the students explore the culture, thought process, and living patterns of human beings. 

All of these help the professionals to make betterment in the behavior and living of the society to ensure its progress. So, you should also seek admission to humanities if you are interested in the subject matter. Seek the help of education consultants to secure your admission.

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Top Reasons To Choose China As A Study Destination

China is the largest country in terms of population and fifth in the area, according to the CIA. China is known as the land of inspiration with grand landscapes, remarkable architecture, and intricate fashion and jewelry.

Despite all this, China is famous among the people of Pakistan for its daily inexpensive usable products that developing countries can buy and use. Furthermore, we’ve been hearing from our colleagues and people around, that: “If you want to pursue medical, fly off to China.”

Although, indeed, China is rightly famous for affordable medical education, that isn’t the sole reason for students pursuing higher studies in China. Read further to clear out the myth.

Three reasons why students choose to study in China

Three reasons why students choose to study in China

The article aims to give you in-depth knowledge about what China has in store for you in terms of educational facilities. The number of students flying off to China has drastically increased over the past few years due to the flexible and welcoming initiatives of the Chinese government for students.

Hence, you can secure a place among those lucky students enrolled in Chinese universities availing free accommodation and scholarship programs by consulting the best Study Abroad Consultants In Islamabad.

The following are the top four reasons that will compel you to pursue an education in Chinese institutes.

1. Chinese education is affordable

A significant factor to consider studying in China is that it is incredibly affordable. The educational and accommodation costs of China are quite reasonable as compared to the costs of European countries, the UK, South Korea, and Japan.

Hence, China is undoubtedly the best study destination to consider.

2. The education system is internationally recognized

China is striving to construct more significant global-class universities and investing closely in higher schooling. Aside from China’s specific Chinese language, calligraphy, martial arts, and different cultural subjects, Chinese degree packages in majors including engineering, technology, medication, economics and exchange, MBA as well as finance are surprisingly revered.

As for folks that do not know any Chinese language, many universities offer diploma applications taught in English. This allows you to earn a degree, along with gaining knowledge of the most widely spoken language at an international level.

Thus, gone are the days when students only used to begin and end dreaming about US and European universities as China has significantly joined the league.

3. China provides great career opportunities

In terms of economics, China has been the sector’s fastest developing state for beyond 30 years. China’s GDP lately handed Japan’s to become the sector’s 2nd most significant financial system after the USA. 

The contemporary upward push of China has made it very clear that those who can speak a Chinese language and have firsthand enjoy dwelling in China are going to have an exceptional benefit in terms of employment.

China serves as a massive market for multinational agencies. Employers are adequately conscious that individuals have real know-how of China, their way of life, and the Chinese language. 

Want to fly off to China?

China is not only the largest country in terms of population but is also famous for their great hospitality. The state also ranks high for its educational services and comes third in terms of best educational facilities after the USA and UK.

Because of their strong ties with Pakistan and excellent scholarship and accommodation facilities, students should not miss a chance of applying to china for undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs.

Thus, wait no more and head towards study abroad consultants for secure visa processing and expert career counseling about the best suitable Chinese university and degree program.

Top Qualities of Study Abroad Consultants

Every student wishes to go abroad for higher studies, especially after growing awareness of professional studies among people of Pakistan. Still, not many aspiring students are able to fulfill their wish because of less or no knowledge of applying for visas, scholarships and admissions in universities abroad.

Top Qualities of Study Abroad Consultants

Many universities are now providing opportunities for exchange student programs or scholarships after Bachelors or Masters, but only a small percentage of students can benefit from this. Remaining students are looking for guidance for applying abroad for studies but can only get a handful of information from the internet.

Numerous consultancy agencies have emerged in twin cities, and while many might get desired information from university and other websites, the majority prefers to go to a best educations consultant in Islamabad to follow a proper channel and ensure admission in a well-reputed university. While you are looking for a consultant to help you out, this article will help you in shortlisting the best available consultants:

Significant Qualities of Consultants:

Students can only benefit from their time invested in going to a consultancy agency if the person dealing with them is a certified and experienced consultant who will not waste their precious time, that too for a considerable sum of money. Successful consultants have certain habits and qualities which makes them a good and reliable source and following are some of those habits which you should be looking for while choosing one:

Experience and Knowledge of the Consultant:

There is a complex legal procedure involved while applying for a study visa, and if your consultant is not an expert in his field, it might cause any hurdle during the process resulting in your application being turned down, and once that happens, it’ll get even harder to get a visa. So, the experience and expertise of your consultant are what you’re relying on, don’t forget to cross-check that box.

Fee Structure and Honest Advice:

Being a student looking to go abroad, you might not be very strong with finances, and if your consulting agency is asking for a lot of money, it will cause problems for your during and after the visa process. Also look for a Consultant that will give you honest advice, not someone who is charging you for sessions but delaying the process for no reason.

Past Success and Reputation:

It is essential to go for a market search about the consultant you’re going to. Look for his past clients and their ratio of success; this can tell you a lot about his chances of success if you choose to go there for assistance.

Visa Interview Preparation:

Another essential thing to notice is whether or not the agency is providing assistance with visa interview that you will be sitting in at one point of your application. Visa Interview is considered to be one of the most important parts of visa application and be prepared for it beforehand can prove to be essential.


Applying for study visa abroad can prove to be a complicated task, but you can ace it through with the help of study abroad Consultants in Islamabad. Form a checklist and tick through the qualities mentioned above to find the best consultant for you.

Why Studying Abroad Is A Lucrative Option For You

Education is the fundamental right of all and sundry. However, the decision of opting for an overseas educational institution is the most lucrative option that you will ever select in the whole of your life.

There is no denying that hundreds of Pakistani college graduates seek visas for foreign universities across the world. Mostly, the students opt for renowned universities in the United States, Germany, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and various others.

Advantages Studying Abroad
Advantages Studying Abroad
Continue reading “Why Studying Abroad Is A Lucrative Option For You”