MAHSA is one of the most prestigious private higher education institute in Malaysia. The institute was established in 2005 as a medical college. However, it upgraded the status to university in 2009 and started offering higher education in multiple other programs like engineering and business.

The university pledges to educate the young generation from all over the world. This is one of the main reasons it is offering scholarships to national and international students under various categories. International students from south Asian countries, specifically Pakistan, can secure their admission to the university and become eligible for the scholarships.

This article aims to shed light on the scholarships MAHSA University is offering to the international students.

Top 5 Scholarships MAHSA University Offers To Foreign Students

Studying in a higher education institute abroad is one of the greatest wishes of every student. The tuition fee and living expenses can be greater than the affordability of the students, which is often the main reason that they compromise their dream. However, MAHSA University Malaysia is one of those institutes that provide opportunities for fulfilling their dream to international students.

The following are some of the most important scholarships MAHSA University is currently offering to the international students.

1.     Graduate Research Scholarship

The graduate research scholarship is one of the most popular scholarship categories offered by MAHSA University. The scholarship is applicable to all the postgraduate research programs at master and Ph.D. levels.

The research area and the interview are the two most important factors that help the students win the scholarship. They can get thirty percent of their program fee by winning this scholarship. Most of the students acquire the help of education consultants in Islamabad to secure their admission, as well as gain knowledge about the programs and research areas of the institute to secure their scholarship.

2.     Haji Abdullah Academic Excellence Scholarship

Haji Abdullah excellence scholarship is one of the most prestigious categories of scholarship offered by MAHSA university. This scholarship is specifically those students who belong to the underprivileged backgrounds, however, perform efficiently in studies as well as extracurricular activities.

The scholarship is applicable for all study programs at the degree level. By winning this scholarship, the students can get up to fifty percent of their tuition fees, which is remarkable. The students have to secure their admission and maintain an extraordinary academic and extracurricular record to win this scholarship.

3.     Family Scholarship

One of the unique scholarship categories of MAHSA University is the family scholarship. Most of the universities offer kinship scholarship on the condition that the siblings are enrolled at the same time. However, this scholarship is unique because parents, siblings, and even children of MAHSA university students and alumni can win this scholarship.

The stipend offered by this scholarship is up to RM 4,000. Students enrolled in any study program at any level of study are eligible to win this scholarship. This is one of the sincerest efforts of the institute to promote education and learning without any discrimination of age.

4.     Sports Scholarship

Just like any other institute in the world, MAHSA University acknowledges the importance of sports in the life of students. Therefore, it is offering sports scholarships to the athletes so they can also excel in their studies in addition to winning in the ground.

Students enrolled in the MAHSA University and participating in the sports programs are eligible for this scholarship program. Moreover, this scholarship is only applicable to degree programs, and students can get up to RM 4,000 stipend by winning this scholarship.

5.     Blue Ribbon Scholarship

Blue ribbon scholarship is another quite popular scholarship category offered by the MAHSA University Malaysia. The scholarship is applicable to all programs at the bachelor and postgraduate levels. The scholarship is granted on the basis of CGPA, and all enrolled students are eligible for it.

The students can get up to RM 20,000 by winning this scholarship. The alumni of the institute can also get the scholarship while getting enrolled in the next program. If you also want to secure their scholarship, you have to get enrolled first. You can hire the service of education consultants in Islamabad to secure your admission and maintain a specific grade to earn the scholarship.

Join MAHSA University to win scholarships!

Getting a scholarship is a real challenge for the international students, as most of the institute only offer them to the native students. However, MAHSA University equally favors international students. It offers scholarships of different values under various categories to international students.

You can also win one by getting enrolled in the university. If you are concerned about securing admission, you can rely on the professional services and head towards fulfilling your dream of studying at the international level.

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