Every student wishes to go abroad for higher studies, especially after growing awareness of professional studies among people of Pakistan. Still, not many aspiring students are able to fulfill their wish because of less or no knowledge of applying for visas, scholarships and admissions in universities abroad.

Top Qualities of Study Abroad Consultants

Many universities are now providing opportunities for exchange student programs or scholarships after Bachelors or Masters, but only a small percentage of students can benefit from this. Remaining students are looking for guidance for applying abroad for studies but can only get a handful of information from the internet.

Numerous consultancy agencies have emerged in twin cities, and while many might get desired information from university and other websites, the majority prefers to go to a best educations consultant in Islamabad to follow a proper channel and ensure admission in a well-reputed university. While you are looking for a consultant to help you out, this article will help you in shortlisting the best available consultants:

Significant Qualities of Consultants:

Students can only benefit from their time invested in going to a consultancy agency if the person dealing with them is a certified and experienced consultant who will not waste their precious time, that too for a considerable sum of money. Successful consultants have certain habits and qualities which makes them a good and reliable source and following are some of those habits which you should be looking for while choosing one:

Experience and Knowledge of the Consultant:

There is a complex legal procedure involved while applying for a study visa, and if your consultant is not an expert in his field, it might cause any hurdle during the process resulting in your application being turned down, and once that happens, it’ll get even harder to get a visa. So, the experience and expertise of your consultant are what you’re relying on, don’t forget to cross-check that box.

Fee Structure and Honest Advice:

Being a student looking to go abroad, you might not be very strong with finances, and if your consulting agency is asking for a lot of money, it will cause problems for your during and after the visa process. Also look for a Consultant that will give you honest advice, not someone who is charging you for sessions but delaying the process for no reason.

Past Success and Reputation:

It is essential to go for a market search about the consultant you’re going to. Look for his past clients and their ratio of success; this can tell you a lot about his chances of success if you choose to go there for assistance.

Visa Interview Preparation:

Another essential thing to notice is whether or not the agency is providing assistance with visa interview that you will be sitting in at one point of your application. Visa Interview is considered to be one of the most important parts of visa application and be prepared for it beforehand can prove to be essential.


Applying for study visa abroad can prove to be a complicated task, but you can ace it through with the help of study abroad Consultants in Islamabad. Form a checklist and tick through the qualities mentioned above to find the best consultant for you.

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